Graduation Cookies: 2017

I’m so excited to have finally graduated with my Master’s degree, yay! After the commencement ceremony, I had some family over to celebrate and for the occasion I made cookies and cake!

My plan was to make 2017 cookies because that is the year I am graduating! I had to order a set of number cookie cutters as I didn’t have any >< I bought these and they worked great!

So, I perfectly cut out all of the 2017 that I wanted and then baked them! When pulling them out of the oven, I accidentally squashed one of my 7s! Oh no!

So, I made a batch of stars and one more 7 with my remaining sugar cookie dough.

Thankfully, sugar cookies stay relatively the same size when you bake them so they didn’t spread and I was able to fit the extra cookie on the same sheet.

To decorate my stars, I used some of my remaining butter cream frosting from my cake! Since I froze the cookies after, the frosting hardened well!

But, for my 2017 cookies, I wanted to use cookie icing. I didn’t make a royal icing, though I somewhat wished I had.

So, I used a #4 tip (pretty sure) to do the exterior piping and I tried to make it a bit thicker … It was messy >< I definitely need to practice this some more!

My flood icing was a little bit darker than my piping icing but I think they looked well together!

The icing hardened well but it was a warm day and we had the food outside for the party so they somewhat melted together!! Oh well! They tasted good, I wish I had kept some for myself instead of sending them all home with family ><

I also made some of my favorite chocolate chip + oreo cookies too. I did keep some of these!

Next post will be my super amateur graduation cake! =p

May 2017 Puppy and Kitten Pics ~~

Though June is half way over, I wanted to post some pictures from last month that I didn’t have time to post sooner ~~

At night, we give the puppies their own beds to sleep on. But, once we’re awake we have to take the beds away and just leave a blanket. We do this because Dottie will pee on the dog beds! She does not seem to be a well adjusted kitten! Humphrey clearly thinks he is a dog too and therefore will often nap alongside Penny and Lucy.

Lucy was never really into shoes and has only really chewed on about 4 pairs. But, she apparently she took a liking to my red Toms (since I left them under my desk) and decided to eat the toe! I haven’t tossed them out yet though I probably should. This picture also shows the damage that Sweetie did to the side of my chair years ago, the chair still works and we have even more cats now though so I don’t want to replace it! haha

Sweetie likes to nap on my Husband’s chair when she is shut out of the bedroom (we have to keep the bedroom door shut because, again, Dottie will pee on the bed). Sometimes Sweetie wants to play between naps and will swat at Penny’s face! Penny is confused by this because it doesn’t hurt and seems rather mean of Sweetie. Penny will often look at my during these times to be sure everything is okay, she is a very kind doggy!

And, lastly, we had a bug flying around in our bathroom! Humphrey (the two leg standing one) made a nice reflection in the mirror while looking for the bug. Dottie (the four leg standing one), kept moving around the bathroom over and over chasing it as fast as she could! It was pretty cute. The did not catch the bug.

DIY Patio Extension ~

In April, I decided to take the bit of dirt between the edge of our official patio and our shed and make another patio! ^^

The space was almost exactly 10′ by 10′ except on the left side where a forgotten sidewalk (from who knows when) jets into the space.

Removing the grass was easy! Removing the dirt was a pain in the butt! I dug out about 4 inches of dirt across the entire space to be sure I could get the ground level enough.

The dirt pile was enormous! I used as much as I could filling in every possible hole in our yard but we had so much left over!

My Dad offered to take some (my Mom says he hasn’t done anything with it yet ><)

It filled up the back of his SUV!

Once the dirt was cleared, I started adding in the sand. Penny and Lucy helped! ~~

I used about 12 bags to put a layer of sand between 1″ and 2″ in the space. Then I laid down a weed barrier. Oddly it was windy day in Southern California in Spring (not usually the time of year for that) when I tried to lay down the weed barrier.

Penny and Lucy loved to walk around on the weed barrier and nap on it too! They looked cute but it was quite counter productive!

I had no idea how to put these stone pavers together at first. Really, no clue! I was putting them here and there … and then I sent a pic to my husband who informed me that there was a pattern and that I should be following it!

It took some back and forth over text but he managed to explain the pattern to me and thankfully I finally understood! I ended up numbering the sides with chalk so I could pair them up easily.

It was at this point that we decided I should probably remove the sprinkler head (over by the bucket in the picture). So, I pulled out some pavers and dug it up! Caped it and then refilled the hole!

That was fun little excursion during the middle of the project!

We cut stones to fit around the edges and give the space a cleaner look! Then I filled in the gaps with polymeric sand! I used almost 3 buckets of this stuff and I was worried it would all rinse away when I watered the grass! But, apparently this type of sand hardens in place! Yay!

I really enjoyed this project! And, I’ve benefited from the additional outdoor space quite a bit already! It’s a great spot to sit and relax while looking into the yard at Penny and Lucy napping ^^

Peanut Butter Cookies: With Chips and Without

Not sure what Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe I used here but it wasn’t anything special, just a normal cookie recipe!

Like I usually do, I used my cookie batch in more than 1 way! I did half of them traditionally with the square pattern. And, the other half I did with peanut butter chips mixed in!

For the plain cookies, I tried to make them pretty uniform in shape. I also made them into little disks before putting them on the cookie sheet and then using my largest fork on them =p

Darn, no before picture of the peanut butter chip version!


So glad I’m able to put some time towards posting a few pictures this week! My comprehensive exam and MBA graduation are over! I officially have a Master’s degree! So, I’ll be spending my time baking while looking for that awesome new career! ~~

Quick Cookie Batch ~

I had purchased some Easter colored M&M candies to be used during Easter … then I forgot about them!

Sometime in May, I “found” them and decided to make some cookies before a long day of studying!

This is the same cookie recipe I used last time with the melted butter, I just heated this butter in the microwave though, don’t have all day =p

I did half with the M&Ms and the other half with a bag of White Chocolate chips that were old .. not sure how old but I was sure they needed to be used up!

When I baked them, I did some on Oreo cookies (my personal specialty) and some just plain (normal) =)

I like how cute the little cookie dough balls look on top of the Oreos. Very adorable ^^

They were delicious! I think this batch lasted about a week between my husband and myself and my Dad! ~~

Beyond Meat: Vegetarian Burger Review

I picked these up at Whole Foods and they were $5+ for two patties! Pretty expensive. I hear about Beyond Meat, as a brand, pretty frequently but I hadn’t tried anything before.

I read the package and it said that they will turn pink and there will be lots of juices (of what?) in the pan while cooking.

So they did brown while cooking. But, I kept cooking them over the recommended time because they seemed to be not done …

I tried to decorate mine with all of the fixings which means I (only) had cheese, lettuce, tomato, and BBQ sauce. Was enough for me! We ate them with some roasted veggies =)

They looked goo and my husband thought they tasted good but I thought there was something off about them … like a flavor or something that left a bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the night. So, I won’t be buying these again =(
Save my wallet a few dollar though!

Collage pic =p


National Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Day …. was last month sometime …

The last time I made Oatmeal Cookies my oven broke. So, I was hoping to not have a repeat … and I didn’t! Cheers~~

This is a quick post, not too many pictures because apparently I forgot to take them?!?!

The recipe turned out great! The recipe is from My Baking Addiction and it called for some additionally pumpkin spice flavoring that I didn’t add to my cookies.

Obligatory creamed butter picture, this is from before I added the sugars (which is why it is so white looking).

The mixture before I added the raisins and oatmeal and the batch could have gone another way at this point! I could have added nuts and chocolate chips and they would have been yummy too!

I under baked a batch and over baked a batch .. then I had three batches that were just right! I did not refrigerate my first batch of dough but the others spent some time in the fridge while the

And, I don’t know how many of these I ate before my husband came home from work … its was more than 2 … possibly less than 5?

I was so happy with the thickness of the cookies, I did make them really small though … next time I need to make them twice as large!

I have a backlog of posts to get written up and posted on here so I’ll try to do that sometime … =p