Bento making for fun ~

I like to make food. Some of it turns out better than others, this one turned out pretty good. After spending a good amount of time browsing Just Bento (which sadly has not been updated in some time), I really wanted to make my own Bento for lunch. I actually made this while watching the Academy Awards on Sunday and then ate it on Monday.  I did refrigerate it over night but I took it out at about 8am on Monday and ate it around 11:30am. It was yummy!

My Bento was simple: 2 hard-boiled eggs, some cooked carrots, sliced vegetarian sausage from Trader Joe’s, and a rice “flower” made using a cookie cutter. I like to add black sesame seeds to my plain rice, delicious! The  other half is what Just Bento calls a Nori-ben. I used warm rice on the bottom layer mixed with some soy sauce and non-fish furikake followed by a layer of torn seaweed (or Nori) and repeat to make a second layer!

My two rice balls were hand shaped, one in orange color and the other in green. I followed this recipe from Just Bento (seriously, this site has some amazing stuff on it!) to color my rice using Peas and Carrots. Next is a roll of flowered shaped rice, again with black sesame seeds added to it, and formed with a cookie cutter.

First Bento with colored rice =)

First Bento with colored rice =)


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