Bento #2 ~

I”m excited I had time to make another Bento yesterday!  This one looked great when it was boxed up!  Active time to make it was only 30 minutes but, including letting the rice soak before cooking, the whole process took about 2 hours.


This time I made the left side into tri-colored rice. When I made the carrot rice on Sunday I had scraped my knuckles on the grater, as a result I just cut the carrots and mixed in/placed them on the rice. I’ll forgive the grater before I make carrot rice again.  The pea and white with black sesame seed rice were made the same way as before.

The top side dish were some oven roasted carrots and string beans that were left over from Monday night’s dinner. For the bottom side dish, I had a provolone cheese and Vege-bologna sandwich with Smart Dog garnish. I added the Smart Dogs because my sandwich was too short and I didn’t want to use more bread! I used just one slice of bread and I was able to get three flower stamps out of it. I snacked on the remaining crusts. =)

It was refrigerated for about 14 hours before being taking out at around 8:30 this morning. I ate it a little bit after noon. The sandwich and veggies were yummy but the rice had dried out =( I think if I had added a piece of nori to the top of my rice this might not have happened. It also could be that my rice slightly froze on the top shelf of my refrigerator overnight and might need to have been heated up. I’ll do a bit more reading so hopefully it won’t happen again. For now, I put the rice away and will make it into a stir fry later on.

This one was a lot of fun and I already have an idea of what to make next!


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