The Sun Bed ~

Oh the cute things I can find for my puppies! We made our way to Petsmart last weekend and happened upon this adorable Sun Bed. It’s slightly too small for little Lucy but way too cute to have passed up! 

IMG_1402At 40 pounds, she just barely manages to curl her Basset body into the pillow. But, she looks so cute on her sun bed laying in the sun! It is true though, once she has eaten this bed she will have three notches on her belt. The first was a nice red Kong Bed that fit inside of her crate and the second was a white fluffy pillow bed for her to recover on after getting spayed. I don’t even want to list all of the other things that have tragically met their end thanks to Lucy. But, if we looked at the replacement costs of Lucy and Penny’s damages; Lucy is winning by a mile in her six months when compared to Penny’s three years!

IMG_1399I have since removed the tag but she has not yet been unsupervised around the Sun Bed. It’s so cute I want it to at least last a week! Thankfully the material on the bottom of the bed makes a noise when she drags it along the floor. So far she has yet to make it outside before I was able to catch up to her!

Bonus picture of Big Sister Penny getting Sun Bed kisses =)

IMG_1401We’ll see how long the bed lasts!


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