Bento #3 ~

Yay, I had time to make a bento last night!  I actually managed to do it while making dinner. That way I didn’t have to spend two different sets of time in the kitchen cooking and washing dishes (like I had been doing for the other two bento lunches). Making these bentos have really helped me have a balanced lunch!  I usually either over eat (from making too much food for one person) or just have various snacks (apples, pretzels, string cheese) over the course of hours rather than actually sitting down and eat a meal. This is working out nicely!


I made a simple spinach and egg omelette using two eggs, frozen spinach, and some salt and pepper. The two rice balls have the Trader Joe’s Turkey-less sausages in them that I had linked in my first post. The remaining is the contents of a small box of raisins, cut up Gala apple slices, and some Jif Natural Creamy Peanut Butter. I usually buy the snack packs so I can easily take the peanut butter with me where ever I plan to eat my apple =)

After cutting up my apple I made sure to soak the slices in some water with a small amount of vinegar. They are turning just slightly brown in the photo but that was because they had been sitting out of the water “drying” for at least 30 minutes. Also, the apple is missing two slices because I tried to make some Usagi Ringo. They were not attractive so I ate them. I was glad to get in some practice though!  Here is the link to Just Bento for making shapes with your apples.

The two little red cups are silicone baking cups. I’d actually never used them before (though I’ve had them for over a year) because I usually send my cupcakes off to places they won’t return from. Though they are a bit large for what they are holding, I was happy to have something decorative already in my cupboards to use!

With the rain we’re to be getting this weekend, I’m sure I’ll have time to make another bento!


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