Wish I’d made a Bento ~

Though started with many good intentions, this week made Bento making difficult. As such, the best I managed to do was eat a rice + “curry” lunch at least a few times.

I love Japanese curry, it’s delicious! But, I’ve never been able to recreate it in my own kitchen. The few times I have attempted have turned out less than delicious and has made the mention of attempting to cook more curry slightly taboo to the would be consumers. Thus, I improvise. Instead of making curry, I heat up a package of Madras Lentils.


I first bought these at Costco about three(?) years ago. They do not taste like curry.  They really do not resemble curry in anyway other than being mildly spicy. But, I enjoy them. I pour them onto or next to my rice and pretend I am eating Japanese curry. It makes for a yummy lunch and gives me time to reminisce about the few times I had true curry.


Another one of my Costco finds is Itoen Green Tea. The first time I visited Japan I drank green tea everyday and loved it. When I later went searching for unsweetened green tea back home, I was disappointed.  At that time, the only green tea that did not have sugar, honey, or lemon added to it came in tea bags. Thankfully, I live in an area where the Costco stocks a large variety of foods and drinks. Currently, I am able to buy Itoen tea at most Costcos near me and drink at least one can a day.

I hope to spend some time perfecting my Usagi Ringo carving this weekend. At the very least, I want to get up another post soon! Hopefully, about a delicious bento!


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