Bento 4 ~

Easy one this time! Remember the dried out rice from Bento 2? Well, here it is successfully re-purposed as fried rice!  This actually turned out to be my best attempt at fried rice ever, I wonder if using the two week old rice helped? I’ll pretend it did!


Good thing I had some more hard boiled eggs to add to this as I was in a hurry! One of these eggs had a slight ring of green around the edges, that hardly ever happens so I’m surprised!  And, I’m happy that my grandma did not see it, she has a thing about properly cooked hard boiled eggs! =)

To make the fried rice all I did was take the bag of rice that was left over from my previous bento and stir fry it in about half a table spoon each of soy sauce and sesame oil (though I have this exact one, I did not pay $15 for it!). I only cooked it for about 3 minutes and I made sure to stir constantly since I did not want to burn it. I also added in my favorite black sesame seeds and some furikake =) Yum!

Since this was a smaller lunch (not pictured is the apple I ate and tea I drank), I packed it in a smaller bento box!


I think this box was purchased 9 or 10 years ago? Wow!  Doesn’t feel like that long ago!  Sadly, it is no longer available but there are many cute options out there if you like Sanrio Characters!  The fork and spoon are cute to look at but a bit too small to actually use for eating. I guess it is meant for children =)

Hope I have time to make a few more lunches for myself this week. It would be great if I could eat a homemade bento everyday! =)


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