Bento 5 ~

Another fried rice bento!  I actually made this one because my husband saw the picture of the fried rice I had made for myself and thought it looked yummy!  This rice turned out delicious. I think I could have used a bit more sesame oil for frying it up a bit more but it was good!


So, here is my first double bento! Very simple really. I did not put in much effort outside of the fried rice. I added two hard boiled eggs and 5 pieces of Morningstar Farms Parmesan Garlic Veggie Wings (I had no idea that was the official name). I know it doesn’t sound great, my husband also questions their “health” value, but they were in the freezer, taste good, and are vegetarian. Win for me?

These are basically the same containers, just in different color schemes. They came inside some expandable lunch boxes we’ve purchased. The top box is missing its large portion insert. It works fine without it but I do wonder where it is in my cupboards… hmm… my kitchen is very small so usually I can find everything quickly!

Lastly, this bento was a little high calorie. The two eggs were 140cal. The Veggie Wings are 190cal for a serving (which is 5 pieces). The fried rice, I’m estimating since I did not measure the oil used, was probably about 350cal. Total of 680! Woah!  Definitely going to have to make a lower calorie bento next time!

Hope to have bento 6 up sometime this week ~


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