Half – Bento ~

Tomorrow I will be out of the house most of the afternoon so to prepare I decided to make two rice balls to hold me over. Better to prepare now than be hungry tomorrow and resort to drinking $5 sodas or eating $6 churros. As yummy as both of those are, they are not good for keeping tabs on spending or calorie intake!

I took a few more pictures than usual this time, so I’m able to provide a bit more description!


I made a half of a rice cooker cup of rice for this. I didn’t want to make the rice balls too large since they need to fit inside my purse. For the filling, I used my favorite Turkey-less Sausages from Trader Joe’s. I seasoned my rice with black sesame seeds and furikake. And, after I molded the rice balls, I wrapped them in Nori and then cellophane.

Here is a picture of the seasoned rice. I let this be a bit messy since I don’t mind wiping up the table and I’d rather do that then be super careful about where the little bits get off to!


I separate my rice into two portions, one for each rice ball and place my veggie sausage pieces in the middle. Forming the rice balls is probably my favorite part. I get my fingers/hands a bit wet with some water and then rub some salt on them. I then pick up the rice and filling and squish it together! I use the triangle form between the palms of my hands to form the triangle.

Hmmm … I had wanted to post a link to a “how to form rice balls” article from a website but I don’t see one that has enough information on how to mold them without posting a video link. Maybe I can add this idea to my “to-do” list!

I actually own a rice ball press (a triangle shape with a lid that you push the rice into and then out the other side when you’re ready). I hardly use it though as I found it makes a very large rice ball!

Here they are all formed up!


I used a single sheet of Nori torn in half for the rice balls. Using a whole sheet would be way too much but since I enjoy chewy Nori on my rice balls, using less than a half a sheet would be a crime!

I lack skill in wrapping my rice balls but they taste good anyways! I know I made them for tomorrow but I want to eat them now!


Thankfully, the longer I wait the more yummy they get. For rice balls, I just let them sit on my kitchen counter. I think it is recommended to refrigerate them so I think other people should, but I like mine warm!

As usual, I hope to post more as soon as I can! ~~


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