Bento 6 ~

Oh what a great idea it seemed! Born from necessity I would have bananas in my bento… I was wrong, this was not a good idea. It was a bad idea. It was ultimately a sad idea and I have to face it again tomorrow.

This morning, full of energy I made myself not just one bento but two bento! Amazing, two days worth of lunches done at once!  I was happy! Here is the picture before I realized I had made a terrible mistake!


Ah, so nice looking. Today’s lunch was the top set. It was my last apple. I had to eat them quickly because Lucy got a hold of the bag of apples and had a bit of fun with them before we took them away. Every apple had some kind of teeth markings and a bruise.

The bananas did not last as long as they usually do, likely because of the warm weather we started having. 95 degrees today, summer is here already! So!  I went to grab a banana to eat with my breakfast this morning and accidentally ripped the top off of three bananas. To ensure this did not become a total loss I thought to myself “Ah ha!  I shall put them in my bento!”

Pared with some hard boiled eggs and some Trader Joe’s Japanese Fried Rice, I packed up my cut bananas! I had never done this before, I had always eaten bananas in one sitting. This was a new experience and it did not work out!

Bananas, much like other fruits, turn brown. And, when you leave them in their peal the peal turns nasty. Later, when you open your bento, there is a super sweet banana smell emanating from it. The smell was absorbed into the rice. The rice had banana flavoring… I like bananas but I’ve never heard of banana rice for good reason! The eggs, self contained as they are, thankfully remained fully banana-flavor-less.

I would post a picture of how the bananas looked when I went to eat them but it was gross. Really not something anyone would want to see. Sadly, I now get to look forward to more banana flavored rice tomorrow, but I will throw out the banana and replace it with something else at least… sad day for my bento!

One last picture, all my hopes on what this could have been.. they did not come true!



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