I made bread ~

Last week was spring break for me and to be a bit productive I tried to make something I’d never done before!  Bread!

I lied, when I was in middle school I wanted to eat cinnamon twists (my first ever “bread” recipe). I followed the recipe I had in a children’s cookbook to the “T” … except … for how long to cook it… Instead of pulling out my treats at the right time, I waited,  Thinking in my head: “Hey, how come they aren’t turning brown on top? They must not be done!” .. I now know that there are certain types of foods that only turn brown on top if they have a butter/egg/oil coating. My Cinnamon twists were hard as a rock. My second attempt at making bread was yummy!

So, in reality, this is attempt no. 2 (technically). But, I think, since my first attempt was nearing twenty years ago… I’m gonna go ahead and call this attempt no. 1!

Sadly, I realized upon writing this very sentence that I did not take a photo of the bread before it was eaten.  This is the very last slice of bread from the loaf. We ate it with pasta and garlic two nights in a row last week!  After taking this picture, I added butter and ate this final slice too!

So, crumb shot only ~ the plate is a salad plate not a dinner plate…


This first attempt was done using a recipe for a no-knead bread. I decided on this recipe because it seemed simple, I had the ingredients, and we had just finished a loaf of Trader Joe’s bread purchased earlier in the week (meaning, I wanted more bread ~ Give Me Bread!)

The recipe for Bread no. 1 came from The Cafe Sucre Farine website. Here is the link: 5 Minute Artisan Bread Tutorial (found the site through Pinterest). The ingredients listed “adding fresh herbs” as optional, I don’t currently have any fresh herbs so I did not add any.   Of the two recipes I tried last week, this one was slightly more tasty.

The crumb was super dense in this and I think this was a result of my not using the correct size of baking dish. My dish was two sizes too large =) So, instead of my bread going UP it went OUT… But, I had a lot of fun with this recipe and when I get a more suitable baking dish for it (i.e. raid my grandmother’s cupboards for something the right size), I will try it again!

On my “to-do” list: make a bento post, update my toy post with the results of their longevity, and post my second bread attempt ~


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