Bread Making 2 ~

As I mentioned, in a previous post, I attempted to make bread twice last week!  This is the result of bread making attempt no. 2!

Two loaves of white sandwich bread!


I own exactly two bread shaped baking dishes. The one used for the load on the left was the correct size for the recipe. The dish used for the loaf on the right was too large for the recipe. This is the result. One tall, basically perfect, loaf of bread and one shorter loaf (perhaps not as perfect looking). My husband thought they looked great though so what I think was overshadowed by his opinion (thankfully).

We cut up and ate the loaf on the left first. I was able to get 8 slices and the heels from it. So, 10 slices? Never mind, the heels don’t count… 8 slices total! Naturally we ate sandwiches with them! The bread held up very well in the toaster for my husband and in the microwave for me (I like soft and squishy bread, hehe). While making sandwiches, Penny and Lucy Tangoed around the kitchen with me trying to get me to drop some, they were not successful!

Here is what the loaf on the left looks like inside – crumb shot ~


I pulled this recipe from the kitchn website and you can see it here: How To Make Basic White Sandwich Bread. By the way, the site name is not capitalized because they have it un-capitalized on their site and I want to respect that.

This recipe calls for some kneading. I have no prior experience with this and thought at first to try it using my stand mixer. I have a lovely Hamilton Beach stand mixer that I’ve been using for cake and cookie making for 5+ years. This was my first time using the bread hook attachment. I can’t say I was happy with it. I feel that that hook was too shallow so instead of kneading the dough it just rotated it in the bowl… so, I kneaded it by hand! It was fun! But, next time I will do it for much longer to try and get a little bit more fluffy-ness into my bread!

Here is the second loaf, the shorter sister of the first loaf, all cut up!


This loaf had been in the fridge for several days before I cut it into slices. I think that is the main reason I was able to get so many slices and thinner ones at that! 17 slices total (again, no one counts the end pieces)! By the way, this loaf is being posed on a dinner plate. It’s a pretty good sized loaf!

A photo of the bread’s insides =)


Next time I bake bread, I’m going to make sure I have the correct size dish!  I think that was the main reoccurring problem I had! =))


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