Toy Update ~

About a month ago now I posted about some new toys I purchased for Penny and Lucy. Since many of the toys have lived a colorful life, I thought now would be a good time to post an update!

For reference, here is the original picture I posted ~


This is the survivor group photo ~


I scavenged the toys from the yard and around the house. I usually wash their toys every few weeks because they become disgusting to touch, in this photo their are presented in all of their dirty glory!

Martha Stewart Fitness and Fetch Tennis Toy – I had estimated the life of this toy to be less than a day. It lasted less than an hour. This one was eaten most thoroughly by Lucy. Below is a picture of the damage as it was moving towards the trash can.


Toy Shoppe Durables Purple Dinosaur Toy – We gifted this toy to their Puppy Cousin for her First Birthday a little while back. I’m assuming that she has already destroyed it (she is also a large bread dog) and though we just spent all day visiting with family, I forgot to ask for a toy update!
Assumed dead.

Large Red Kong Crackle Squeezz Bone – Still alive!  No severe damage and mostly just has chewing scratches all along the sides. This, however, is not a favorite toy. It gets carried around from room to room but very little play time is directed towards this bone. Still have some time before my 3 month estimate, could still not make it!

Toy Shoppe Durables Red Fire Hose Toy – I estimated the life of this toy to be a month, I’m surprised that it is still alive! There is significant damage on both ends but they have not yet fully penetrated the “hose” material. I took this photo the very first night it we gave it to them and Penny decided that this one she was interested in (at least for a few minutes). I feel that this one could “die” any day now, it’s definitely on its last life!

Martha Stewart Gentle Play Raccoon – Still going strong and so is the similar one we have from last year. This one is soft and Lucy loves the crinkle but not so much that she obsessively chews on it. It should keep living for a while longer. Here is an update – close up – photo!

Nylabone for Powerful Chewers Thing – Very little damage, not well chewed on by the dogs, and I don’t like it. We have tile/cement flooring in our home and when they drop this on the ground it makes a very loud clanging noise. I’m increasing my estimated lifespan of this toy to 6 months, Penny has no interest in it which increases its life significantly.

Honestly, I’m happy that any of the toys have lived this long. When we buy toys for the dogs I try to think of them as disposable items. They come and they go … sometimes quite quickly too! Lastly I wanted to post a condition update of the Sun Bed!


If you can see, the sun ray at the bottom seems to be missing a chunk? Well, many of the other sun rays are in similar condition. Lucy still lacks the understanding that this is for sleeping and not for chewing. She’d much rather harass Penny with it by dragging it on to their nap beg (across or on top of Penny’s head) and playing with it instead of taking her afternoon nap!

As the dogs are always going through their toys, and therefore needing new ones, I’ll be posting more toy-life updates! =)


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