New Puppy Toy ~

I picked this up last week while stocking up on dog food. I thought it was adorable and for $4.77 not too pricey. It was part of the “close out” toys left over from Easter at my local Petsmart.


Brand New Toy!

It had a gentle play warning on the tag and the feet were made of soft plastic. I’m stating this in past tense because the feet are gone now and, of course, so is the tag.

Update number 1: four hours after play time with the adorable little dog/duck toy …


Four Hours Into Play Time!

It’s far from being clean and the feet are much less cute! However, the stuffing had yet to be compromised.

Update number 2: there are now some catastrophic issues with the structure of the once adorable dog/duck toy…


After 6 Hours of Playtime

The foot that was damaged previously is now nearly gone. The squeaky toy that was hidden among the stuffing had now been surgically removed and the stuffing had been removed too. Notice the toys’ head being much flatter than before? After taking this photo, I removed the tiny amount of stuffing that was keeping the nose puffy and cute. It was in a separate pouch of sorts inside the head. I mainly removed it so I could give the toy back and not have to pick up stuffing pieces again thirty minutes later.

The toy is (now) essentially the same as the crinkle raccoon toy that they already have (since the feet have been eaten and the stuffing removed). It is now a flat stuffing-less “chew” toy that is missing the fun parts to chew on!

Thankfully it was a good price. Maybe I should just buy rope toys?


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