Book Review ? ~

I enjoy reading books. I have a sizable collection of authors whose works I have enjoyed reading over the years. Once I find an author with a character or writing style I enjoy, I usually read all the books!

20+ books in a series? Better start at the beginning and read them all as fast as possible! After doing this several times (did I mention I like to buy all of my books?), it became apparent that space was going to be an issue…

Our lovely little home is only a bit more than 700 square feet, the space for a book collection of several hundred romance and paranormal romance novels is… limited. So, about two years ago I switched to reading on an e-reader. I found this to be not only a huge space saver but also a great way to read out doors or at night in imperfect lighting conditions.

Anyway!  As a means of writing down a bit of information about a recent series of novels I read, I thought I’d make a post about it!

Series: The Iron Seas
Author: Meljean Brook
Book Titles:
          The Iron Duke
           Heart of Steel
           The Kraken King
** There is a novella set between the 3rd and 4th books. On principle, I don’t read novellas.                       I find that shorter stories always lack character and story depth that I enjoy in full length                         novels. I don’t like stories that move quickly so they can be fit in 100 pages or less!

As I purchased the books for my e-reader, I do not have any pictures I can share in this post!  So, I’ll make it quick with my review!

The books are steam punk themed romances that also contain ZOMBIES!  Really, it’s very interesting to read a book where the world suffers from a casual zombie infestation that, while can be deadly, is something that the people have adapted to live around. I always have a hard time mentally classifying Zombies, are they sci-fi? Fantasy? Hmmm…

The female and male characters seemed mostly unique from book to book. Sometimes with a series you’ll get repeats of character types. This could only be seen as partially true between the male characters in the first and last novels of The Iron Seas. And, truly, if you don’t sit down to read the books one after another within a month, you’re less likely to focus on the similarities.

The books also took us on a geographical tour of the world as it exists in this fantasy series. I enjoyed the detailed history of the regions and how the wars in these novels have affected the lives of the people long after they have ended.

Lastly, I enjoyed the happy endings of course! I read for fun. I read to watch characters fall in love and be happy (with hopefully a little magic or vampires thrown in)!  Picking up a book that sets a moral tone and then wants me to accept an unhappy ending is truly not for me!

After reading this series, I decided to pick up book one in Meljean Brook’s The Guardians series which I look forward to reading soon.

Just a quick note of caution, the fourth book in the series was originally published in sections. So, if you’re looking to purchase The Kraken King be sure to buy a version that states it is the completed novel! Here is a link to Meljean Brook’s Amazon Profile if anyone else in interesting in picking up a book by her!

Looks like the next novel I’ll be reading is The Shadows by J.R. Ward. It was just released on March 31st, so excited!


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