Bento 7 ~

New bento, new bento! A few weeks ago I spent some time browsing this site Though it no longer seems to be updated, I gleamed some neat ideas about bento making! I especially want to try out her Ramen Bento as I already have the ingredients and just need the time to make it!

This bento, though, is more like a Burrito-In-A-Box-Bento =)

My husband and I had taco salad for dinner and I thought I might re-purpose the leftovers for lunch! Thus the Burrito-In-A-Box-Bento was born! We often don’t get to eat the leftovers from meals because there usually isn’t enough for two people and we vary our meals so that we aren’t eating the same foods within a reasonable amount of time. This is great for bento making though!


This bento contains: 1 burrito sized Mission Flour Tortilla, cut in half and then rolled up. 1 cupcake cup of Sargento Four Cheese Mexican Cheese. 1 cupcake cup of spicy rice, that did not turn out to be very spicy. Rosarita Refried Beans – Zesty Salsa flavor. And lastly, the taco “meat” is Morningstar Farms Burger Crumbles flavored with Taco Bell Taco Seasoning.

Wow, I did not know until looking up that link for the taco seasoning that it was made by Kraft Foods. I had thought Taco Bell had expanded into groceries but it does make more sense that another company is just making use of their licensed products. *shrug*

I’ll be eating this for lunch 15 hours, hope it is yummy =)


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