Bento 8 ~

Quick bento I put together for lunch. Nothing special and nothing new about it~
Contents outside of the bento box ~


I really need to get deeper bento boxes so that I can put my whole apple in there rather than just plopping it my purse! Also, I really had to squish my rice balls to get them in there!  No photo of that as it was just a shame…


The contents are as follows: 1 Gala Apple (I count it, though it is technically outside the bento box), 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 box of Sun-maid Raisins, 1 Jif Natural Peanut Butter Snack Cup, and 3 rice balls.

The hard boiled eggs nearly met a tragic end. I had set a timer on the boiling eggs. Sometime later I heard the timer go off in the kitchen. I thought “Oh, the eggs are done!” but instead of getting up to take care of them I continued to sit. Several minutes later, 5? 10?, I remembered the eggs!  The water had boiled down and was only covering half of the eggs … they clearly will not be underdone!

The rice balls are made the same way I always do, which I’ve outlined in a previous post. But since I took a picture, I want to include it!  The picture shows nicely portioned food in preparation of making 4 rice balls … sadly, I did not have enough plastic wrap to make 4 rice balls (I always prepare the plastic wrap pieces before forming the rice balls so the forming/wrapping part goes quickly) so I re-portioned them into three for this bento!


The reason I made sure to wrap my rice balls in plastic wrap? Because I’ve experienced the mixing of smells in my bento box recently and did not want to accidentally taint the lovely taste of my rice balls with the equally lovely but very different flavor of the hard boiled eggs. So, eggs in a plastic bag and rice balls in plastic wrap means all the flavor and smells I love in each stay separate from one another!

As always, I hope to make more bento boxes!
It’s nice to put more effort into what I eat for lunch =)


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