Cookies ~

Was it three weeks ago now that peanut butter cookies were all over the internet? Well, I was not immune to this influence. I selected my recipe, printed it, and then faithfully watched it get stained by all other food I made as it sat idly on my kitchen counter.

But, last weekend I took action and made peanut butter cookies! I took the recipe from a blog post on Jenn’s Favorite Cookies titled Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches. The recipe is at the bottom of the page, several times I scrolled down only as far as a recipe link list, clicked the link I wanted only to be back at the same page sans recipe.

I won’t re-post her recipe here since I have not asked for permission, but let me say that is works great! My only difference was that I did not add additional salt to my recipe. Also, for the first batch, I forgot to press them down with a fork =(

Ingredients all nicely posed for their photo! Actually I took this after already creaming the butter, that is a substitute butter stick! The large white bag is just sugar. I originally bought one of those 5? 10? pound bags at Costco and had to portion it into smaller bags to actually use.


Here is the batter all ready for eating … I mean, baking! Baking of course. In reality, I try to get my sugar/butter fix before I add in the eggs.  …. Hmm, honestly, peanut butter cookie dough does not look appetizing! But there it is in the bottom of my mixing bowl with some parchment paper making a guest appearance in the corner


Next picture is the two batches of cookies I made before being baked!  I expected them to “grow” a bit more while cooking which is why the cookie sheet on the left is a lot more spaced out than the sheet on the right.


The instructions call for 12-14 minutes in the oven. I found 14 minutes to be great for my second batch (the ones I pressed down with a fork before baking) but my first batch was in there about 18 minutes until I felt they were cooked thoroughly. The smooshing them before hand really changes the cooking time!

All done!  Ready to be portioned into bags, so we don’t eat them all at once, and then put into the fridge!


The post I pulled the recipe from then goes on to make their cookies into ice cream sandwiches. I really didn’t feel inclined to do that to my cookies. However, I did decide to eat one along side some ice cream!


Vanilla ice cream and a homemade peanut butter cookie? Best desert ever! The cookies managed to last 5 days at our house, I ate the last one this evening before my husband came home from work!

I hope to have time to cook/bake/create over the weekend!


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