Pull Apart Bread ~

I think it was this past Saturday that my husband showed me a picture of Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread that was making the rounds on the weekend internet circuit. I thought, I can make that!  So I used Google Chrome to reverse image search and find the recipe!

And here it is! Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread by Joy the Baker! The first thing I did was copy/paste the recipe into Word so I could fit it onto one page, it’s a long one!

Turned out I had all the ingredients even without shopping so Sunday morning I began what was to become a 3 1/2 hour on and off again affair with the Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread recipe.


The usual baking suspects are nice and present for this recipe! Definitely pop over to the recipe to take a look at the amounts and of course the directions but this is the basics in a nut shell =) Oh, I guess I’ll mention the powdered milk. I often use this for baking (sorry it’s low fat, I know!) so that I do not deplete my supply of cereal milk. I must have cereal in the mornings, I must.

The recipe does not call for the yeast to be heated(?) or soaked(?), which ever is the correct terminology, before mixing it into the recipe. There is a note on the site giving additional directions if you found that for some reason your dough did not rise, I did not have this problem but I did add the milk/butter mixture to my dry goods while it was hot!


My lovely green plastic mixing bowl. My Grandma gave me a set of primary colored mixing bowls when we got married. The green and red are the only survivors. The blue, though brave till the end, did not survive Penny as a younger dog.

The recipe says that adding eggs will make the batter “runny” I think that was not far from the truth!



It’s at this point that I began to add the flour. The recipe states that this dough can be mixed entirely by hand so that is what I did. Blast my ineffective dough hook! After mixing in the flour, it is time to let the dough rest long enough to double.  It was oddly cold this past weekend so I gave the dough additional time to double since my kitchen was not a warm place and with two dogs there aren’t other “safe” places for dough =)





Looking pretty good here, I then transferred the dough to my cutting board and as per the directions kneaded slightly and then let rest again for 5 minutes. My cutting board is well used and about the right size needed so I just rolled out the dough to the edges of the board!

I was able to get some nice thin dough from the blob there on the right! However, this is where the recipe did not set me up for success. I decorated my dough, cut my dough, and then stacked my dough. All of which looks much nicer on the inspiration site than in my reality!

The reality was a lot of thinner slices than I planned and a lot of cinnamon sugar being dumped on top of the bread because it did not handle the cut/peal/stack part of the instructions well. Also, since I did use a well worn wooden cutting board, it seemed that trying to maintain a lightly floured surface was a devastating choice. I should have floured it up so that I could actually peal away the dough instead of prying it up with a spatula =(


Next time I make this, I will use more flour so my dough doesn’t stick, cut my dough into squares before I add the cinnamon sugar, and add some cinnamon sugar and butter to both sides. Yes, I think that will turn out much nicer in my case!

After letting the bread rise for about 45 minutes, I popped it into the oven!  Keeping in mind the instructions mentioning that the bread needs to be thoroughly browned before being considered “done” I let mine bake for a few minutes shy of an hour.



It looked awesome when I pulled it out of the oven!  And, after having to smell it bake we immediately had some to snack on!  Didn’t love it. It was good but since I had lost of lot of cinnamon/sugar during the construction phase, I felt I was missing out on the actual cinnamon roll type flavor and instead had some pretty nice sweet-ish tasting bread.

Here it is out of the pan and in it!  There is still some left that I’ll probably finish with some butter and syrup for breakfast sometime this week =)



I will be making this again, maybe even for Mother’s Day since it’s just around the corner! Wow, this turned into a long post! Next one will be short to compensate! =)


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