Bento 9 ~

I wanted to do a small “side dish” of rice to eat with my fruit and protein bar. So this is my “rice side dish bento”!! ~


Hmm, I think it looks yummy and know it will taste good … but, I admit the picture makes me question my own taste!

Here are the ingredients laid out before making the Pyrex/rice/nori-ben/thing =)


Making this used up the last of my nori wrappers and vegetarian sausage. And, I’m nearly out of rice too!

The rice on the left is mixed with corn, salt, and soy sauce. I used the white rice for the bottom layer (I forgot to decorate it with my sesame seeds + furikake on one of the mini-rice bento boxes =( Vegetarian sausages as layer #2, nori went down next followed by the corn rice, and lastly some more vege-sausages and another piece of nori! =)


Since I made two little things (?? I need to pick a name!!), I get to eat one tomorrow and one Tuesday!

Here is the food laid out together, they get to be paired up in the fridge (makes it easier for my tired brain to gather supplies in the morning).


Though it won’t be in the fridge with the rest of my lunch goodies, I hope to take those cute little red bean cakes with me to eat too! We had a chance to visit Little Tokyo a few weeks back and this is the last of the sweets I bought (still have some dried red beans of which I have yet to decide what to make out of). I first tried these when we were actually in Miyajima last year on vacation so as soon as I saw them I wanted them!

Lots of things to make for Mother’s Day next weekend, I’ll try to have them posted soon!


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