Book Review #2 ~

About a month ago? Maybe Longer. I wrote a quick review of Meljean Brook’s Iron Seas Series. I loved the series so much I purchased book 1 in her Guardians Series.

Book: Angel Demon
Author: Meljean Brook

Let me say again that I really enjoyed the Iron Seas Series, it was fast paced with interesting characters! This, however, really lacked both.

The book is 500 pages, not bad really. I’m currently reading a 599 page book so I’m not put off by longer novels … I am put off by slow moving story lines… and a lack of understanding the end goal of the book…

If anyone is interested in reading this book, I won’t post any spoilers. I have a lot of practice in not spoiling the plots for others (Watching Game of Thrones with my husband when only I’ve read the books! Torture!). I will say the pacing is lacking.

The first 100 pages were easy, the plot moved quickly and I enjoyed the female characters wit. The next hundred pages lacked direction. I no longer knew where the story was going, is this a redemption story? A revenge plot? A romance??? And, since I couldn’t figure out where the story was headed by page 300 … I put the book down for about a week.

I picked it up again hoping to enjoy it and didn’t… remember I mentioned it was 500 pages? I only got to 410 =((( I’m so sad!  I wanted to love this! Maybe I’ll pick it up sometime and try to skim through the pages but the ending I’ve thought up in my mind is good enough for the story.

Out of the 50 books I read last year, I put down two of them and never went back. I hope this is the only book I do this to this year!


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