Mothers Day Cake ~

Last weekend was Mother’s Day!  I decided to make a cake (among other things) and  have my parents and grandparents over for dinner!  We like having company over for the holidays so that our puppies can run around and socialize without the added “fun” of a car ride too =)

This was my first time using this cake recipe and I loved it!  I’ve had it book marked for 2ish years and in my printed recipe book for probably just as long. I just learned (from making this cake and some corn bread I ate recently at a friend’s house) that butter instead of oil in baking makes things amazing!!

The recipe is from the Bakerella Website. Here is the link: Moist Yellow Cake. Now the recipe has a lot of other tips to go along with it and a recipe for frosting as well. I basically just had a copy and pasted word doc of the ingredients and cooking instructions so I didn’t follow through with any of the additional suggestions. Still was awesome!

Here is the picture of the plastic wrapped caked layers.  I followed the directions and made sure to wrap them before storing them in the fridge. I baked the cake in the morning and frosted it in the evening. We ate it the next evening (Mother’s Day).


The pictures makes them look small!  The recipe calls for them to be baked in 3 8″ pans. Though I have an abundance of baking accessories and necessities, I lack an assortment of basic pans. Thus I baked it in 2 9″ pans.

Two changes I would make: #1 I would make sure to flour the pans along side coating them with butter (one of my layers had the middle portion stuck to the pan, I had to pry it out and then kind of mash it in the middle and use the plastic wrap to  hold it together while it cooled), #2 I would keep the layers wrapped up and not frost them until the same day it was going to be eaten (I noticed a lack of moisture between the time I frosted and the time I [er, we] ate it).

Anyways!  I always make the same variation of butter cream frosting when I make cake. Sometimes I turn it into chocolate frosting but it’s still basically the same recipe. Why do the always use the same recipe for frosting? Because I like to eat the left overs and I can’t imagine another recipe would make me as happy as this one!

It is the C&H Sugar Buttercream Frosting Recipe.  There was a small stretch of time where the recipe on the package was slightly different (can’t remember much but it wanted you to add salt??). Since then I’ve been making the recipe by eye-balling the amounts. I know what I want it to taste and look like (since I’ve been making this for years) so I don’t measure anymore. Just add what is needed until it’s perfect! =)

Here is a picture of what my cake layer looked like before frosting… the one that met with the unfortunate state of its middle… and here is what my frosting looks like already to be used up!

IMG_2308 IMG_2309

I didn’t want to do anything fancy. I really didn’t have enough time to even manage this but I really wanted to eat frosting!  So, just a basic coat of frosting and some chocolate chips for “garnish”??

IMG_2310 IMG_2312 IMG_2311

The pictures are not in chronological order up there! Just pretend that #3 is after #2 for me, okay? I made a double batch of frosting, meaning I used two sticks of butter, nearly two pounds of sugar and more milk and vanilla than if I’d made a single batch… I should have made a triple batch, there really could have been more frosting on the cake.

IMG_2315 IMG_2316

Picture from both sides! Yummy =)  I sort of regret the “flower” design I made. It’s not very pretty.. but it added something for sure lol


My reward for my hard work and effort!  Was it a slice of cake? No, better than that!  It was “licking” the frosting bowl!  I don’t really lick it, I use my fingers and a spoon to get as much as possible.. the beater though, I do lick that!


Bonus photo of the vegetarian chili I made as the main course. It turned out way more spicy than I thought it would. As such, I didn’t even eat any and sent the leftovers home with Grandma (she likes spicy food and leftovers, win/win)!
Not sure what is on the bottom part of the photo. Oven mitt? Errant bean?


Well Mother’s Day was a lot of fun. My puppies didn’t get me anything but maybe next year when they both start driving and working part time =p

I have a few more posts going up soon, taking a week off sucked!


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