New Puppy Toys ~

Every few weeks (or months if we’re lucky), we stock up on toys for Penny and Lucy. Being that Lucy is about half the size as Penny, you’d think that Penny would be the bigger toy-destroyer of the two. But, Lucy puts all of her 42lb puppy body into the deconstruction of her toys and is nearly always the one to eat them!

So, without further ado, here are the latest toys for Lucy to eat! And, Penny to ignore!

I purchased them at Petco this time. Of the 5 pictured, I’ve only given her the Kong Bear (top left) and the purple Squirrel(?).

I wanted to give them out gradually so she’ll get at least two more this week! Sadly, I don’t recall the names of the other toys so I can’t record them in this post 😦

Here is a quick picture of Lucy chewing away on the Bear! Penny could seriously care less!

Beware if you purchase this, the intsides are made of red rope. It makes it look like she is pulling out guts! Kinda creepy! Also, do not be fooled by the Kong label, the actual fuzzy Bear material will not last long.

I’ll post pictures of their demise once they’ve all reached their end. Wont’t take long, I purchased quantity over quality this time!

I’ll leave you with the shark toy giving you the eye!! Argh!!

Finished reading a few books and Lucy is turning 1 this holiday weekend, so I’ll be posting more soon!! 🙂


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