Book Review 3 ~

Loved this one! Book #13 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. Obviously I’ve read the other 12 books before it!

Title: The shadows
Author: J. R. Ward

Last year’s BDB book was a disappointment for me. The book, The King, started on one story line (Layla being pregnant) which was totally forgotten by the end of the book because the Queen became pregnant and gave birth (all during the second half of the book wherein I was then left to believe Layla had had her baby and no one cared…).

Anyway, this book was fabulous. Everything that is great about this series without any of the stuff that didn’t work in the last book.

Two couples were paired up in the book which is always nice. Moves the pace of the story along quickly and thanks to the quick moving story I read this book in about 5 days. It is roughly a 500 page read (and I have work and grad school). So, reading that quickly was only because I enjoyed the story so much!

The main main male characters were both carried over from previous stories but had yet to star in their own novel. Which is nice. The book also introduced some more characters (young ones) and maybe another warrior(??). We can only hope!

I do recommend this book. I’ve read the series  so obviously this is something I’m interested in. If you haven’t read any of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and you like para-normal romance that is heavy on the male characters, I recommend the series. 🙂

On a different note…

Lucy is having her 1st Birthday this weekend so there will be Basset Puppy Birthday photos coming soon! Until then, here is a picture of the “guts” from inside of her bear toy that I mentioned in my last post.

Pretty gross if you think about it~


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