Ramen ~

Quick and easy ramen I made last night and today’s Nijiya Market haul 🙂

The base for the ramen was some Vegan broth I picked up at Sprouts around Mother’s Day mixed with some soy sauce. The broth was by Edward and Son’s and I recommend it! I did dilute it slightly because the addition of the soy sauce made things a bit too salty!

I added some former corn (heated up before hand) and some cooked shredded spinach. Lastly, I used some CTF Brand noodles that I picked up awhile back. Since I can’t find the exact type online here is an ugly picture of my opened package!

They take a lot longer to cook than I think they do so I end up having everything else ready and just waiting around for the noodles to be done cooking. Today is the last day for that package of noodles and then I’ll try the ones I bought today at Nijiya Market.


(Cant’t figure out how to rotate the picture on mobile, will edit when I’m at a computer!!~)

I absolutely love Japanese white chocolate! The first time I went to Japan (has it really been 8 years?!) I returned home and searched for white chocolate Crunky Bars to no avail. Thanfully after our visit last year I’ve been able to keep myself flowing in Japanese chocolate thanks to visits to Little Tokyo and a closer Nijia Market!

My current favorite? Dars. It’s delicious, creamy and light in flavor. Simply yummy!!

Planning on making some red bean buns soon and of course posting pictures from Lucy’s Birthday! Sadly, no cake 😦

Our kitchen sink stopped draining and in the investigation process we discovered a broken pipe outside under our patio… 6 hours of hard work from my Husband and Dad later and still no sink! So happy that it will be fixed tomorrow! (crosses fingers**)


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