Lucy’s 1st Birthday ~

The entire day was full of adorable puppy moments. Her pit bull older sister, Penny, wasn’t matching her enthusiasm during photo time but they look good together as always!

Happy Birthday Lucy! Cheers to a long and happy puppy life with us! 🙂

That little hat did not want to stay on! The husband had to bribe her withh many treats to keep her from shaking it off! But it was so cute, I could not resist!

I bought the dress and hat at Petsmart. I had gone to Petco first but they only had “Happy Barkday” !! 😦

Sister pic! :))

As per usual, Penny is not impressed! But her new purple collar is snazzy!

Managed to get Lucy to attend the dog park in her cute outfit (sans the hat, of course). She was wished a “happy birthday” numerous times by the other dog owners at the park. She was a happy little Bassrt Hound!

One last picture of her tongue, it’s so long!

 Sadly, I did not get to make them a cake to gobble up 😦 The sink issue I mentioned in my last post has become much more involved the further we go … Looks like I’m going to have a lot of new piping pretty soon!

Hope to post more as always but without a kitchen sink I’m not sure I’ll have much to post about!


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