I won a contest ~

I’m sure, in my life, I have won something before. I’m sure there is a time ,in my past, where my name or number was picked from the rest and selected as a winner.  I just don’t remember it. I hope it’s not from a lack of trying though! I do my best to fill out surveys for various places in hopes that I can get that $100 or $500 gift card!  But I’ve never won an actual thing… as long back as I can remember~

So, when I got the e-mail on Thursday saying “Congratulations” I thought it was a scam… But, no joke, my screen shot was selected as a winner in the World of Warcraft S.E.L.F.I.E Contest – Week 1. The even crazier thing? I won the best prize of the week, an Iphone 6! Amazing!

Link to the Contest Page: Week 2 (link will likely stop working once the contest closes)

Sadly, I have an Iphone 6 =( I think I may have posted a few months back that I had broken my Iphone (it was gold, beautiful gold!) when I slipped and fell down a porch stoop. But, since I had insurance, it was replaced promptly (with an ugly grey one, so ugly)!

Broken gold phone as a reminder, never again. *Ahem, notice the Diablo Games and Blizzcon poster in the background?* Case was fine, I don’t use it though.. might be jinxed =p


But, I’m happy, super happy!  I get to remember this as “the time I won something”. Next time I have to write an essay that is spontaneous (graduate school exams can have some strange things on them), I can use this! “I was in disbelief”, “I was in denial”… I’ll write something along those lines and I won’t even have to make it up!

Just a little history about this great moment: I traveled on my level 92 Mage to Theramore (pictures of my arrival can be seen on my Twitter Account), where I then proceeded North into the heart of Horde territory!  I flew stealthy into their grandest city and was promptly killed! I then corpse ran back and died again! The third try I enlisted my husband’s help. I res’d, pressed alt+z, and he pressed print screen. My character is basically dead in the screen shot, can’t you see the harpoon through her chest? There is no way to survive that! Harpoons kill you!

Link to the World of Warcraft Twitter feed where they show the winners!

Time to enter the week two contest!  Here’s to winning the grand prize (Blizzcon tickets)! Maybe I’m super lucky now!  Oh, just remembered! This will be the second time Blizzard has mailed me something this year. Thanks for my 10th Anniversary Statue Blizzard, it rocks! =)

Technically, that statue belongs to my husband. Mine is in the box still 🙂 notice to the left the end of a Doomhammer? Like my Starcraft puzzle? They’re from Blizzcon. Ya, you could say I’m a bit of a fan! Please ignore the dust, a lack of rain and two dogs will cause that hehe 🙂

Hoping to get my sink up and going this weekend so I can catch up on my baking plans! I’m now sorely behind 😦 Thank goodness the clouds are clearing up though, Penny likes to get a good tan in before the summer =) Maybe I should look into doggy sun tan lotion, I’m sure her belly could use it!


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