Week 3 of no kitchen sink…

Home ownership is a wonderful thing. You get to watch the equity you have in your home increase with each upgrade and mortgage payment. Knowing that someday the only bill you’ll have to pay to keep living there is your bi-annual tax payment. 

We have a small house with small rooms and the house is 95years old this year… far from being a spring chicken. Thankfully, outside of voluntary upgrades, the house has been very good to us these past 5 years. Every time it rains, which in Southern California isn’t very often, I am thankful that the roof doesn’t leak.

And, while it is great that I will have a working kitchen sink again soon, thanks to the hard work of my husband and Dad, I don’t currently have one. But, they are saving us a small fortune by doing all the work themselves and not making me hire a plumber. I know they want to finish it too because my Dad would rather lounge around at his cabin on the weekends and my husband would rather sleep late and play around on his computer.

Look at all of the dirt…

The truly offensive drainage pipe has been completely removed. The drain will be connected to another drain pipe this weekend. So, maybe I’ll be back to cooking and baking soon?  I’ve let the kitchen get dusty from lack of use…

Here is Penny and Lucy laying amongst the debris…  

The pile of dirt makes them super dirty…

In lieu of being able to cook as much as I’d like (washing dishes in the bathroom is not enjoyable), I’ve had to take drastic measures! 

I purchased an instant Ramen cooking tray thing at Vons. For just $5, I got a little plastic bowl with instructions imprinted on the bottom. Now, I’m not truly dissing it because it did work great but … Well, it was strange to make ramen at work instead of at home in a pan on the stove. Tasted the same though!

So, off I go to work to enjoy another package of ramen for lunch alongside my apple and peanut butter 🙂 

One last picture looking straight into the hole, Penny-the-Pit bull’s attention seeking head for scale 🙂 


Hoping to get them outside and playing in their brand new pink plastic puppy pool this weekend. Should be adorable!


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