Kitchen sink works again ~

It was an amazing day yesterday when, at approximately 3pm,  the kitchen sink was finally working again!!! Trumpets blared and a young woman could be seen jumping up and down in her kitchen with joy! Pure joy!

And there it is! See that lovely white pipe moving horizontally across the giant hole in the ground? Yep, that is my new drain pipe! Though, I guess, it is partially filled in at this point to support the corner of the pipe. Support is good, I think.

Not sure what we’re going to do about the hole yet. Fill back up with dirt and cement again is an option. But, we don’t want to be renting a jack hammer and re-cementing the same spot every time the kitchin sink/shower/ bathroom sink/toilet stop draining!

But I was able to clean the kitchen and start cooking! Made soup for dinner!

And then, best part of all, when we were done eating I washed the dishes in the kitchen sink!

Soup ingredients:
Japanese style noodles
Japanese vegetable broth packet
Bean sprouts
La Choy Crispy Chow Mein Noodles

This is a different broth than what I’d been using, it’s very mild so I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing it. I could not find a link to the exact noodles we used, so I’m linking to a site that show’s products of the same brand. Neat site by the way, will be browsing it a bit!

Bonus lasagna I made to take to my Grandma’s. She had her right knee replaced last Friday so she gets special attention 🙂

Also made some cheese cake, to repay my Dad for all of his help. Post coming soon!!

Yay for a fully functioning kitchen! The last three weeks weren’t my favorite! 🙂


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