Cheese Cake ~

This is something I’ve been making for years. I remember, sometime when I was growing up, my Dad was unhappy that there were not any vegetarian cheese cakes!
Gelatin is just so prevalent in desserts 😦

My Mom asked her Sister, my Aunt, to see if she could make some. She did! I got the recipe a few years back and have been following it ever since! It’s so easy and so delicious!

Every now and again my husband and I try some store bought cheese cake or order some for dessert at a restaurant but mine really is the best! Not to brag or anything 🙂

Very simple ingredients, not pictured is the stick of butter used to turn graham crackers and sugar into a crust.

Now, the most important thing to remember when making a cheese cake is not to get the ingredients measured properly, it’s to not over cook it! When you over cook your cheese cake want to know what it will taste like? It tastes like eggs. Eggs! Not delicious creamy sour sweet cake… but, eggs. It’s gross, always follow the cooking directions when baking cheese cake and know your oven!  I rotate my cake half way through because I have a hot side =)

Before cooking –

Lovely Pyrex pie pan “borrowed” or rather “forcefully inherited” from my deceased Great Grandmother.

After cooked!

The extreme white area on the left side is what happens when water drips onto the cooling cheese cake. See, when I take it out of the oven, my instructions say I need to cover it for 30 minutes before refrigerating it. This one actually turned out really nicely in that it did not split or crack down the middle. Did end up with an errant lump … but, I’m sure it’s a delicious lump!

Dropped the cake off at my parent’s house after work on Monday for my Dad to enjoy. Since Father’s Day is this coming weekend he has cake and cookies to look forward to too since I have a kitchen sink again!


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