Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats ~

My Grandma loves these things! I make them for her occasionally (her Birthday, Mother’s Day, when she has surgery). Made a batch Wednesday morning before work to take to my Grandma’s for lunch. Also made a vegetarian meatloaf 🙂 Pictures ahoy!

I use the recipe on the side of the Trader Joe’s Crispy Cereal box.

Not complicated to make, only takes 4 ingredients and no oven! Very important to note now that the hot weather is finally upon us!

Heat the Agave, sugar, and peanut butter. Mix with cereal and done!

Pre-mixing (for the most part) … 
Post mixing —  IMG_2854

I’m fairly certain that I have had the real rice crispy treats at some point when I was younger but I really don’t remember. These are a pretty good snack but they just don’t hold their shape the way you might expect from the name of the dessert. So, if you ever make them don’t expect them to behave like the marshmallow version 🙂

Someday I’ll try making the real version with vegan marshmallows and see what happens … But, today is not that day! 🙂

To accompany dessert, I made a vegetarian meat loaf. My husband is not a fan of tomato sauce so I don’t get to eat this very often. Making it for grandma and then eating it together for lunch was a treat for me! 
Nothing special in the ingredients, normal meatloaf stuff. Just, instead of actual meat, I use the Morning Star Farms Burger Crumbles.

Make sure to season because those ingredients up there do not taste as great if you miss the salt/pepper/garlic/onion powders. Though, if I hadn’t been making this before work and maybe planned ahead a bit more I’d have had some real garlic and more than a quarter of an onion in my fridge.

Before cooking …
I cooked it for about 25 minutes at 375, then stirred it and put some extra tomato sauce on top. The pan was too big for this but I don’t own that perfect sized meatloaf baking dish… For obvious reasons lol 🙂

After cooking …

It was good, tasted like meat loaf to me 🙂

Going to get back into the bento making habit pretty soon. With this heat it’s not good to be driving around looking for food at lunch time!!


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