Chocolate Chip Cookies ~

Made a big ‘ole batch of cookies Saturday Morning. I started early because without central air the kitchen is unbearable to cook in after 11am. That 375 degree heat really gets to you!

Here are the ingredients laid out ready to be used. I like the Toll House Cookie recipe, which I might have mentioned before but here is a link anyway! Nestle Toll House Cookies

Super easy to make and thanks to the heat I didn’t have to wait very long for the butter to soften!  

The recipe calls for nuts and if I was keeping the cookies I would have added them. But, since I was making them for my Dad, I omitted the nuts this time 🙂 To compensate, I made sure to add more chocolate chips!

So, the thing with having a house without central air conditioning, living basically in the desert, during the summer, is that baking can be tricky. Though it’s great that my butter didn’t take long to soften, it was too soft by the time I was putting the cookies in the oven.

If I’d have remembered what happens to cookies when they are too warm before being cooked, I would have popped them in the fridge for twenty minutes before baking. As it was though, I forgot. 

Cookies were still yummy though! But what happens when the dough is too soft is that instead of the butter being fully incorporated it will melt out of the mixture and start to burn the bottoms of the cookies before they are done!

Mean butter!  

I’m not going to lie, they are literally only on that plate for the picture. Then I washed the plate to put back in the drawer and plopped the cookies in a zip lock bag. Dogs + dust + heat means keeping things around or rather exposed on a plate is not an option! 

Made about 3 dozen, 6 or so went in the trash, husband and I ate 2 each and then I dropped the rest off at my Dad’s! And, while I was there the battery on my car chose that precise moment in time to stop working! 

Really the nerve! My husband drives that car for 300miles a week and it stops running after a quick 8 block drive to my parent’s house? Really now 😦

The old and now useless battery … Look at it just lay there … dead and all  

You would think this might ruin my day, right? Wrong! Between the time my car died and the time it was fixed a whole 15 minutes passed! My Dad, amazingly, had an extra car battery! He took the dead one out, put the good one in and off I went! 

New battery looking snazzy!

Not sure who got the better deal out of that visit, me who got a new car battery or my Dad who got fresh cookies! 🙂

Will post about the cake I made for Father’s Day once I have a chance to frost it lol Yes, I know it’s Monday already 😦


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