I baked a cake ~

And that was all she wrote! 

Seriously, I baked a cake for Father’s Day this past Saturday. It turned out delicious. I know this because small bits clung to the baking pan so I allowed myself a nibble :))

I did something strange though, to avoid the problem I had last time I baked this recipe (see my Mother’s Day cake for a reminder :)), I put parchment along all of the sides of the pan. 

In my mind it was genius! The cake would rise pushing out the edges and I’d be left with perfectly cooked cake that perfectly came out of the pan.  

  But, it looked like that lol !!?? 

  Then out of the pan … You can clearly see the indents where the parchment paper was at! 

Honestly, it looks neat! 

I was going to make a triple batch of frosting to cover it all up… I was going to ……….

But I havn’t had time! I thought I was busy at the end of last quarter but now … It’s only the first week and the workload is crazy! Add that on top of my normal job and all the free time (that I dream about) has been zapped up! 

As with everything, my goal is always to finish early so I can have some free time … So, once I do have some free time I’ll be taking what was going to be a cake and making it into cake pops! 

Not the make in a machine kind, the munch up the cake, add some frosting and mold it with you fingers kind! I do have the machine though lol

As a dose of cute, before I can post my cake pops, here is a pic of my kitty cat, Sweetie. 11 years old this year! She was around for my undergrad degree and now she gets to see me get a Master’s lucky cat lol 🙂

My fearless hunter! Bonus Eeyore Pillow Pet in the background 🙂 


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