Penny’s 3 Year Adoption Anniversary =) ~

June 30th is Penny’s Adoption Day!  Yay for Penny!  So, in honor of it being Penny’s Day, here is Penny’s story since she came to our house!

My husband and I spent about a year talking about getting a dog. He really wanted one and I was mostly indifferent to the idea. I had always had dogs and cats growing up so if we had dogs and cats great and if we just had a cat, Sweetie, then great too. So, when my husband was at the point that he was ready to adopt we went on the search for a rescue Pit Bull.

We agreed we wanted a big dog and since I was still mostly indifferent to the idea, I was fine with any breed. My big stickler was our dog’s personality. In a single Saturday, we visited 4 rescues near us (humane societies and animal shelters). Penny was at the last shelter we visited, The Pasadena Humane Society.

I can’t say I thought she was the cutest dog we saw, I really can’t. I love her to bits now but when we adopted her I could not get the idea that she looked like a 4-legged alien out of my mind lol  … I picked her out by the way. I wanted a sweet dog that was also independent because we both work and knew that she would need to be okay by herself at home for 8ish hours a day.  I had to call her to the front of the pen(?) to get her to come say “hello” and then I immediately petted her, played with her ears, wiggled her nose, and poked around at her teeth. She could have cared less, she was perfect!

Prison Photo ~

Adoption photo ~ taken while we waited for the papers to be finalized.


We got to take her into the “play area” for a few minutes before adopting. She sniffed us both, allowed us to pet her, and spent the rest of the time sniffing around the grass. =))  I also lied just a little bit, they asked us if we had any other pets before letting us adopt her and I said “no”.
I had to do it!  Penny was perfect but because they wanted her to go to a home without other pets they might not have let us if I said we had/have a cat!  They’ve always got along great, or as great as Sweetie will allow =)

There is a 4th of July Parade in our town every year so we have taken her every time since the first week we adopted her! She looks so skinny in these photos compared to now!


This is her 2013 4th of July picture. This was a few months after she was attacked by a neighbor’s dog that had gotten loose. I really didn’t walk her very much for a while after that.  I was so scared when it happened and so worried that something else might happen that I would get too nervous to walk. Eventually I got over it but I do carry Pepper Spray when walking just in case. Penny never fought back while getting bit and there was a Good Samaritan who pulled the loose dog off of us (of course I fell down during all this), but it was very scary for me!


This is 4th of July 2014, about 1 month before we got Lucy! There weren’t any good photos of her looking at the camera that year. I distinctly remember her just walking away from me and going inside the house while I was taking these…


That trip to the parade sucked though! Right when we were about to leave, the parade was really long last year, a Police Officer came up to us. He asked where we lived and wanted to be sure we knew it was illegal to have a Pit Bull not muzzled in our city in order to “prevent drug dealers from walking their dogs here” !!!!! I was shocked!  I cried the whole walk home and most of the afternoon because I knew how much of a sweetheart my Penny was/is! And, being the law abiding citizens we are of course we went out and got a muzzle.

We walked her wearing the muzzle for two and a half months before I was randomly checking our City’s Municipal Codes and saw that the Pit Bull regulation had been removed!! I owe it all to a co-worker of mine at the time. I told her my story and she passed it on to some of her own friends that are active in the local animal rights community and sure enough the law was changed soon after!  Penny went from being a “viscous animal” in our city to being a normal dog!

Sometime later Penny and Lucy broke into their “Puppy Closet” (where I keep toys/treats/bandannas/outfits) and ate Penny’s old muzzle! lol =)

So while Lucy may get a Birthday Party (we know her birth date), Penny gets a 4th of July Adoption Party every year!  Closing up this post with a picture of Penny and Lucy from their first day together.  We adopted Penny on a weekend off for me, I was a retail manager at the time, but Lucy we adopted on a working weekend so I missed all of the “getting to know me” between them! =((


Love my puppies, wouldn’t have them any other way!  This year I look forward to us taking them both to the 4th of July Parade!! =)


2 thoughts on “Penny’s 3 Year Adoption Anniversary =) ~

  1. Love this story. So happy to hear Penny found a great home. I would love to put something on the Pasadena Humane Society’s facebook about Penny’s story. If you are interested, please email her story and a couple of photos to


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