Cake balls ~

Somehow this post was deleted so I’m trying to get it back up in the site! If you’ve read it before don’t bother to read again, it’s exactly the same minus this new intro 🙂

I made ’em! They turned into sugar bombs! Yummy sugar bombs as long as you wanted to be hospitalized for a sugar coma! I had one of them … Not sure what to do with th rest …  

Just for proof, I included a picture of my actual cake pop machine and the sticks I would use if I wasn’t starting out with pre-cooked cake.

Ingredients are cake and frosting ~

  Yum, breakfast!
Here is the munched up cake with a giant helping of frosting on top! Should have just sat down with w spoon and ate it here … I’m sort of joking but mainly I’m serious …

It’s not pretty, really not pretty looking. I should have put them in th fridge at this point and let them harden up a bit … I need to have patience but when you’re working against the heat (meaning all cooking/baking done by 11am or it doesn’t get done at all) you cut corners. Sometimes the results are lacking 😦

To make sure I was going to thoroughly sick after eating one of these mega sugar ball things, I added frosting on top too!!! 😦

The forks are needed for eating, this isn’t a finger food at all! Thankfully they do *mostly* fit in one of my cake carrier so I plopped them in there and stuffed ‘me in the fridge.

This is the Wilton Cake Carrier, it comes with a removable tray on the inside with little groves areas for where you put the cupcakes. I took it out for this. 

I actually don’t like this carrier that much because of the type of plastic they used. I have never been able to get the factory smell out and the white parts stain so easily! A little bit of pink frosting touched the side? Permanent pink spot forever! Reminds me of plastic spoons you buy at the dollar store, they absorb all the colors! 

In conclusion, I wasn’t happy with these at all. :(( maybe it had something to do with the cake having been made and in the fridge for a FULL WEEK before making these or maybe it was because I dumped a bit more Vanilla Extract than normal into the frosting … Could be anything really =p 

Sadly I have no time to make anything special for the 4th of July this weekend. Kinda bumbed out! And, I’m still. It caught up on the list of things I wanted to make when I didn’t have a sink! Looks like 3 classes this summer was a bit much! I can do it, Super Me!!


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