Puppy Popsicles ~

It’s been pretty hot the past few weeks! We have the window air conditioners on and the fans brought in from storage and doing our best to stay cool! To give the puppies a little extra boost in the “cooling off” arena I made them frozen snacks 🙂


Nothing to it really, just some frozen corn, water, and vegetable boullion. I recently read something about onions being bad for dogs so I made sure this boullion didn’t have any!

I didn’t bother defrosting the corn since it was just going back into the fridge anyways! 


Plopped them in the fridge like this and waited! I decided to do this after watching Lucy bob for ice cubes in her water bowl! It was super cute, she was also trying to steal Penny’s ice cubes .. less cute!


Frozen and ready for snacking! I snuck one to Penny while Lucy was outside and it was a success! 

Though the dogs can go in and out of he house all day long they still insist in laying outside in the sun for hours at a time! Silly girls! So, I hope this will help them cool off after their sun bathing sessions!

Going to get pics up of 4th of July soon! 🙂



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