4th of July ~

Agh! I wrote this on my trip last week and just saw that it never made it from draft to post!!!! It’s old now but I still want to share!! Meant to post it over a week ago /cry 😦

As I sit in a hotel breakfast buffet waiting for my co-worker I decided I had a few minutes of free time now! Right now. So, I better do something with it!

Sadly, I don’t have anything awesome to post … The time thing is a big factor here … But, I did have a fun 4th of July weekend so I’ll share a bit about it!

Friday July 3rd, my husband and I went to Anime Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Last year’s, 2014, was horrible. We had to wait outside in the sun for 3.5 hours before we were able to go in! To plan ahead this year we arrived at 6:45 in the morning, more than 3 hours before it opened so we didn’t have to wait outside in the sun again!

My husband took most of the pictures, so I didn’t have to rifle around in my purse much, but that means I don’t have many pictures to share! I did snap this one at the entrance. It’s for a show called Parasyte. Super neat show!


I guess it will be available to more viewers this fall so they are advertising it. I really enjoyed the creepy science fiction theme, 10/10 I recommend! 

I go to the Anime Expo to shop mostly. While I do order most everything to suit my Manga/Anime needs online, it is nice to see things in person too! I really only bought three things? I’m in disbelief! 

Kirito t-shirt? *check* Rilakkuma outfit? *check* Lizbeth figure? *check* Alright, guess I got the things I wanted the most! Thank goodness I fit the “one sized fits all” size well or I wouldn’t have been able to buy the onsie 😊

On the 4th we attended the local parade! We’ve gone every year since we bought our house. This was Penny’s 4th time and Lucy’s 1st! Penny was not happy during the parade, winning lots and couldn’t relax, so we ended up only watching about 30min before heading back home. Guess my little Pibble was too happy to behave or pose for cute pictures!


Yay for the Pic Collage App! My sis-in-law uses it all the time and I always liked it! Turns out I had had it before and deleted it, thankfully it’s easy to re-download apps! 

The best part of the 4th is always setting off fire works!! My Grandparents live in a city where it is legal so I’ve been setting them off every year (but 2) that I can remember. One year I actually agreed to work, shame on me! 
Anyway, for the first time ever we bought a giant stand alone fire work. It was $59.99… And worth every cent!

Opening Show !!!
My dad took a video of the whole thing but it’s not online yet. There are some videos of it on You Tube though already. When it was in full swing the firework was easily 25′ in diameter! Sparks going out in all directions! Super fun to set off!

Hope everyone who might read this also had an awesome 4th!!!


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