Bento 11 ~

A post, a blog post, oh could it be real? It is real! Amazing! 

Last night I had my final for one of the three classes I decided to take this summer … so, I might have some free time again. I estimated that that single class was a 20 hour time investment a week! Adding up all of my other responsibilities in a given week left me with about 13 hours of free time … You could say I’ve been busy!


So my quick and easy bento, to try and help me not over eat for lunch, consisted of fruit, peanut butter, my vegetarian hot dogs (we bought the buns to try some new vege dogs we got at Albertson’s … They sucked), and some left-over Cheesecake Factory Fetticini  Alfredo. Oh, I forgot the candy and really that is the most important part!
Hubby and I had our 6th wedding anniversary last weekend and went out to eat for dinner. I love me some Fetticini Alfredo and there is no way I could have eaten the entire thing in a sitting! So it became lunch for Mon/Tue!


Woah, so sorry for the poorly centered photo! But, I wanted to show how I pack it all together for once! I bought this Hello Kitty lunch box back in my retail days and have been using it ever since Lucy ate my Torry Burch Lunch bag, it was so pretty. 😦
I do manage to zip it closed everyday though sometimes the Apple will be on the outside!

Next up will be a post of the food I ate while on my business trip last week! Just another reason I have had little free time!


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