A Vegetarian in San Francisco ~

As I’ve mentioned, last week I was out of town a bit for work. It was only the second time I’ve been out of town without my Husband since we got married and the first time since we got Lucy.  Which means my Husband had to really hold down the fort without me, he did a great job =)

Being away from home though comes with a few difficulties … not being able to make my own meals means I succumb to a never ending stream of carbs and soda … Yuck!  I don’t want to have another soda for weeks!

In an effort to make this less boring and less long than it has potential to be, I’m starting out with my breakfast collage! Made this one with this Pic Stitch App. I’ve been using this app for a long time and still do occasionally though I love Pic Collage so much right now! =)

image1 (1)

We stayed at a pretty nice hotel in Berkeley. They had a lovely buffet breakfast that was included with our hotel room. I ate there every morning, all four mornings … though, you wouldn’t know it by this picture. I swear until I starting getting ready for this post I thought I had taken a picture of my breakfast every morning but I guess I missed one =(

I lieu of having 4 breakfasts pictured (notice all those carbs?), I am including a picture of the two  doughnuts me and my best friend picked up at King Pin Donuts (they don’t seem to have a website) Tuesday evening. They were pretty good!

Lunch! ~~

IMG_3275 IMG_3148

So the one on the left is lunch at Moscone Center … it was cold pizza … for two people (my self and a co-worker) lunch was $28 … pretty ridiculous. So, the next day we left the trade show to eat. The picture on the right is Tomato Soup in a Sour Dough bread bowl from the San Francisco Soup Company. It was great ordering from there because they had the menu labeled with little ‘v’s for the Vegetarian options =)

Actually, I found that over the course of my time in SF, the city as a whole was super friendly to Vegetarians!  The only places I went to that didn’t have specified Vegetarian options were normal chain fast food restaurants.

Wednesday’s lunch was also pretty awesome. I didn’t eat lunch Thursday, I don’t remember why now … We picked up pasta from Noodles and Company. They too listed their Vegetarian options on the menu!  Yum, carbs! I tried not to get a coke but the other options were strange and foreign to me …


Now on to dinner! Ha Ha, we’re almost done!


Ah good ‘ole Jack in the Box. Always there for the weary Vegetarian in Fisherman’s Warf. I’m sure if I went into one of the seafood restaurants I could have found something to eat but I was tired and really just wanted to not sit and watch my co-workers eat Crab. Plus the 30 minutes of me-time were much appreciated!

On my third night there, my best friend drove into Berkeley and we went out to dinner!  She lives in Fairfield so it wasn’t too long of a drive for her. We ate at Gypsy’s Trattoria Italiana. I ordered from their Vegetarian selection once more =)


Ravioli Alfredo!  Notice the coke? I lost count how many I had but it was more than I’ve had in the last three months combined! The Ravioli was yummy, I ate it up!  The garlic bread not so much .. my friend assured me that that was how roasted garlic tasted, I assured her that it tasted gross! We had a great time though, thankfully we went in between two busy rushes!

For our last full night in SF our boss took us all to Z & Y Restaurant. Their Chinese food was pretty good and it was neat eating somewhere President Obama had visited (they had his pictures in the window). I had, though not listed on their online menu, Vegetarian Duck.


Also, I had tea with my dinner. Glorious tea! I must have drank half of the pot all on my own!  Along side the Vegetarian Duck (it was served cold which was different) I had white rice, deep fried green beans, and some fried noodles. All in all it was a good meal!

Now, for my last meal during the trip we ate on the drive home … that meant fast food … by this time I had become aware of how much soda I had been drinking and opted for water … my boss also decided I needed to eat more and ordered me a second burrito!  I ate it … I was hungry lol


I won’t lie there were many instances of unhealthy snacking mixed in with the unhealthy eating … thankfully we were so busy all day every day that I didn’t gain any weight from the less-than-normal healthy eating. I had a great time though and now I am super sad that the places I eat in the Los Angeles area don’t always have an easily recognized Vegetarian option!

Side note, the last time I went to Fisherman’s Warf was with my Husband and we also ate at that Jack in the Box … though we also went to the arcade that was the pier and played pin-ball … that was way fun!

Now that things seem to be getting back to normal for me, with this trip over and my third class having ended, I hope to get back into the swing of posting!


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