Christmas in July ~

Baking, cooking, and taking pictures of everything isn’t something I started doing when I made this blog, it’s something I’ve been doing for years. Basically, when my husband and I got our first Iphones, I started taking pictures of everything. The baking and the cooking? That started once I had my own kitchen, so circa 2009? =)

I do tons of cooking all holiday seaon but since I wasn’t working last holiday time I actually made quite a bit less than normal (I didn’t have to bake for co-workers or pot-lucks)! When we get together with my husband’s family, everyone brings a dish to eat! I always bring a dish I can eat (eg: Vegetarian food). They always have something else Vegetarian too but, it wouldn’t make sense if I brought a dish I couldn’t eat so …

This is what I brought last Christmas!  Mini-Christmas-Tree-Pizzas! I actually made about three times the amount that is being shown here but this is really the only presentable photo …


I remember min-pizzas being all over Pinterest last year, which is where I got the idea. I used the pizza dough in the refrigerated section of Trader Joe’s and bought a special extra large Christmas Tree cookie cutter at Michael’s to make them. They were yummy!
I ate the left overs for lunch the following week =)

As for deserts, I made three new kinds last year … Sadly, and it really is inexcusable, I can’t remember what this one was!  Even looking at the picture, I’m just not sure …


I know it’s bread … I remember giving half of it to my Grandma and eating the other half … But, I don’t remember at all what kind of bread it was … Banana? Apple? … Seriously no clue. I remember adding Cinnamon to the icing … that’s about it though =(

Moving on to the next item! This was another re-creation of something I saw online. I’m pretty sure this one is from /r/Food but it could have been Pinterest … Anyways, I present Graham Crackers dipped in Chocolate, with Peanut Butter/Sugar on top, and then covered in more Chocolate … they were heavenly!  They got forgotten in a fridge though and weren’t eaten until a week after Christmas but even then they were yummy!


Then, I made these to give out as gifts!  Not sure if I ever ate one actually … hope they were good!


Again another creation based on the wealth of ideas you can find online!  It’s amazing all the neat things that people post that I can then try to make on my own. Really, it’s quite awesome. Yay for sharing inspiration!

The only thing I remember about making the White Chocolate and Candy Cane Stick Treats is that Candy Canes are super hot when they come out of the oven and pinching each one onto the stick makes your fingers hurt!!! I don’t think I’ll make these again … ever.

Lastly, this is something I didn’t make but rather bought … my Husband and I visited Disneyland on Christmas Eve last year and bought their special hand made Candy Canes!  I ate one basically the next day (*Er, I mean the day after the next day, Christmas was busy!). They are about a foot long and cost an arm and a leg =p I saved the other one until now … Christmas in July after all! I’ll try not to eat it all in one day … I’ll try ….

Here it is before being opened and eaten … Tangerine for scale (I’m all out of Bananas!).


For a bonus here is It’s A Small World in all of its holiday glory!


Oh no, almost forgot a puppy picture! Of course for Christmas, just like Easter, we did a photo session with the puppies!  We tried to get Reindeer antlers in there and Santa hats but they weren’t having it …


All of that puppy concentration isn’t free!  We feed them lots of little treats to get those poses!

Here’s to having time to make some awesome stuff for Christmas this year!


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