Bento 12 ~

When I first started making these I invested the time to make them into something that resembled a Bento made in Japan. I had white rice and vegetables .. They looked kind of cute, occasionally …  But, now, I just take a little bit of effort to cook my food before going into work and call it a Bento.

So, here is a typical lunch but instead of preparing it at work, I prepared it at home!

No apple today, the tangerines and grapes are satisfying my fruit craving 🙂 The yellow stuff in the back is some Rice with junk in it, (I’m too embarrassed to armor it’s Rice-a-Roni, AH foiled again!). The “meat” is Morningstar Farms Riblets. They come with their own BBQ sauce and I think they are pretty tasty 🙂

That’s it for today’s post, nothing amazing … Lucy will have been in the family for a year next week so I’m going to write up a post with some cute puppy pictures in it 🙂


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