Bento 13 ~

I made a Ramen Bento! I read about these on on a cool Bento blog sometime back in May. Sadly, I don’t remember what it was and doing an Internet search hasn’t helped 😦 Anyways, this idea was totally taken from another blogger who is being honored here anonymously!


So, I ate this for lunch today … Was pretty good but, I think next time I’ll bring the broth in a thermos. I like the broth and then I can hear them separately add them together and have ramen like normal … -ish. 

I use the Nissin Top Ramen: Oriental flavor. It’s pretty good and I think one of the only of not THE only ramen flavor that doesn’t contain meat. I always add veggies to mine, most often corn. If I make it at home we usually have broccoli or bean sprouts too!

The fruit is really paying off! Stops my chocolate sugar cravings which is nice!

Will post again soon! Having some free time is nice, I even painted my nails!! 😊


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