It’s been one year since we got Lucy ~

Neither of us had ever had a puppy before. We weren’t really prepared. I’d had kittens and that hadn’t been so bad but it’s different when you have a baby animal that will only grow to be 10lbs than when you have a baby animal that will grow to be 50lbs. Things happen at a different rate …

I would also say that having such a well adjusted dog in Penny, I’d forgotten what a less calm and less well mannered dog was like. Lucy has been a good reminder that we were so lucky with Penny =)


She was only 9lbs when we got her at 8 weeks old. And, now that I look back, she was constantly in motion at that age. All of her pictures are blurry … this one being an exception ~

Penny and Lucy got along pretty good in the beginning, even better now, the only problem we had was Lucy biting Penny. Lucy, being a teething puppy, really wanted to grab Penny’s fur and pull!  Penny, being a kind hearted 80lb dog, never stopped Lucy from doing this. So, we would come home from work and Penny would have wounds on her chest from where Lucy would grab and pull at her skin! It was scary looking but thankfully did not scar =)


Though there are quite a few things in that picture that have survived Lucy’s puppy-dom, there are many more that did not. I think she’s eaten 4 dog beds? Who knows how many dog toys and even those child gates … we’re on our third one!


Her food bowl has survived though!  It is heavy glass (porcelain, maybe?) and her and Penny have matching bowls!  We thought it was cute that she would sit down to eat, now we know it’s because he body is too long!  She can basically be laying down with her back half and be sitting completely upright with her front half. Basset Hounds are long dogs!


She loves being on all of the furniture in the back yard. Tables, chairs, lawn mowers … all the other stuff that is back there too. She loved to climb it and jump off of it!  I was calling her “Parkuor Puppy”! I can’t tell if this was taken before or after she ate the wiring out of that lawn mower … that was a little expensive to replace!


She wasn’t small for very long though, that shelf right there? She could maybe fit half of her body on it now! I could go on and on and on about how cute Lucy is … I’m sure you’re thoroughly convinced but more puppy pictures are good too right? Maybe just one more?


Last year Lucy was Batgirl for Halloween and Penny was the Cheshire Cat!  This year they will be just as adorable!

Will try to get the dogs to the dog park today, to celebrate of course, only if it isn’t so hot though! =)


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