Book Review 4 ~

This year has not been good to me book wise. I started reading this one in June, got about 30 pages in and realized it wasn’t what I expected. Got to page 120~ and set the book down … Didn’t pick it back up until this past Friday night. I didn’t read for a month and a half because of this book!

The Underwritting
By: Michelle Miller

Here is a link to the Good Reads page about the book. I like romantic comedic romps in my books. Or supernatural drama, that’s always good too. But, this …. real drama? Not for me!

At first you get two main characters both with a flaw who at one time had hooked up and I was on board with that. Then they introduced more characters and more characters and then they killed one off and then introduced more characters … None of the characters were especially likable since they all had a personality flaw that they themselves reveal multiple times during their chapters.

It was well written I think. But, just not for me!

Started reading The Girl With All Of The Gifts by M.R. Carey. So far so good!

Ended up not being able too bake last weekend. I seemed to have sprained my neck/back doing who knows what and was in a fair amount of pain from Thursday-Sunday (when I’m writing this). Just found two really neat recipes though so I hope to make them next weekend! Basically all I can do right now it sit/stand still with my neck and spine properly aligned … all other things hurt! =(


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