Bento 15 ~

Another easy one here. I’m going through a tangerine and grape phase lately and I wanted to eat up the last of my hard boiled eggs from Monday.

I’ve been seeing so many cute bento boxes online lately. Did anyone else see the dinosaur bento? I was super jealous! It’s hard to put in so much effort for my own lunch though 😓

We bought a new rice cooker the other day, that will be nice! Our old one was basically a steamer that had a rice cooking function. Worked well enough but not great. 

We picked up a Zojirushi on Amazon and it arrived yesterday! Gonna get it up and running tonight so I’m hoping rice will become a staple of my bento boxes again. Beats frozen burritos 😋

They are also opening a Daiso Japan near me next month! Hoping to stock up on cute little bento accessories!! 

The weather is going to be hot again the next few days so my “I want to bake” list has gotten long again. Summer without central air conditioning is not the best in So Cal!


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