Bento 16~

Let me start off by saying that the new rice cooker is amazing! Perfect rice every time! Dinner has been very yummy this past week!

Out with the old and in with the new~

Amazon purchases rock

It plays music by the way when it starts and stops. Our washer/dryer does that too but I can’t hear it in the house. Now I get to listen to twinkle little star!!

And here is where I must apologize… There is no rice in this bento!

Tangerines are summer food #1 this year

Little cut up sandwiches, tangerines, bananas, soft Oreo cookies, and rice crackers!

We made a trip out to the local Japanese market last weekend and I picked up some goodies! I’m trying to limit my Oreo intake but it is very difficult! So yummy!

Anyways, the reason we went to Nijiya is because we were already in Rowland Heights picking up my new gold IPhone 6 from Fedex!! 

Remember back in like May I said I won a contest? Well, I finally got the prize! I tried to politely ask (didn’t want to be rude, it is free after all) if I could have a gold one and it turned out they could get one!

I’m super happy. The people at Wow Contests rock!! 

It was 100+ over last weekend and with the Summer quarter wrapping up things have been busy… But, I guess that is standard operating procedure! 

Hoping to get in the yard and paint a picket fence I put up like 6 months ago, if I get it done I’ll post a pic! 😀


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