Bento(s) ~

I don’t know if should call these bentos anymore really … At least this post includes rice!

Made two rice cooker cups of rice yesterday morning…
I divided it into what I intended to do: 3 sections for rice balls and one big section for fried rice!

Here we go making the fried rice!
One egg, some defrosted frozen veggies, soy sauce, and sesame seed oil.

Mix mix mix!

Then I added the rice!

Mix mix mix and season!

Done! Now this I used in my lunches for two days! Will post those together later 🙂

Back to the white rice!
I love seasoned white rice! And add some seaweed? Yum!

They are not all the same size today but that doesn’t effect the taste at all!!

Here is all the food I took to work for lunch Monday, rice balls included!

Packed and ready to go! I’d get a bigger lunch bag but then I’d just take more food!!

Finals week is next week!! Yay! A full four weeks off between Summer and Fall quarter, that will be nice!! 🙂 It happens to fall during the time when I’ll be attended another trade show for work, nice to not have to worry about homework while being out of town!


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