Fried rice for lunch ~

In my last post, I showed pics from my Monday morning batch of fried rice. Well, it’s all been eaten now and here are the two lunches I made with it!

Lunch #1  

Mini-(non)chicken burgers, fried rice, the very last of the soft Oreo cookies, and apple sauce. I forgot to buy apples over the weekend so applesauce was as close as I could get! The mini burgers are made by Gardein. I don’t particularly like anything this company makes, and they make quite a lot of things, but here is a link to their site if anyone cares to look at their products. Gardein.

Lunch #2

Four days on and the fried rice still heated up nicely! Those weren’t the only grapes I brought, I had an additional bag in my lunch box. Plus, my trusty apple and peanut butter is not pictured 🙂 

The little medley at the top is sliced string cheese and a sliced Smart Dog by LiteLife. 

Gonna be another hot weekend in SoCal, here is to our air conditioners continuing to work hard!


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