Candy “eggs and sausage” ~

This is has been on my mental list of stuff I want to make since my kitchen sink was out of order in June! I saw a picture of these on Reddit (of course the link is no where to be found now!) and remembered them this whole time! If you google my post’s title or some variation you’ll get some pics from other bloggers who made it!! 🙂

Only need 3 ingredients for this recipe and everything is already made so the only thing you need to do is melt chocolate and assemble!

I only planned on making 8. I had tons of the ingredients to make more, but why would I? I Made these Saturday which means we’ll have them in our fridge for the weekend … I have enough of a sweet tooth without adding temptation in the form of white chocolate and Reese’s Pieces!

I heated the white chocolate up in the microwave. Or, rather, I dried out my white chocolate in the microwave. Took me two minutes of heating it to realize that mistake! Added some water to the overly hot chocolate morsels and then stirred for an excessive amount of time … Problem solved!

The picture above it right before putting it into the freezer to cool. Got a few neat shapes and an occasional bump but overall quite cute looking!

Dinner plate for comparison! These little guys are small!

Really cute though! I’m going to have a yummy Sunday breakfast lol 🙂


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