Book Review 6 ~

The Girl with All the Gifts.
By: Mike Carey

Read this book in about three days. Was my only read for the month of August. Thankfully it was interesting or I’d be sad I didn’t have time to read anything else! Instead I was satisfied to think about this book for a few weeks (knowing I didn’t have any free time to read another novel anyways).

I’m big on supernatural novels and this one delivered in a cool way! Zombies! I honestly can’t think of any zombie books I’ve read recently. I read World War Z but that was ages ago. … Most books have magic users of some kind or Vampires :))


The story follows a group of humans trying to reconnect with what they think is a safe zone. They just happen to be traveling with one particular companion who is, basically, an enlightened Zombie.
So enlightened, in fact, that she decides not to eat people. However, not so enlightened that she decides humanity as a whole doesn’t need to die…

**End Spoilers**

The ending was unexpected and surprising! And I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

I have a few books on my “To Read” list right now and I hope to get to them all during the next month I have off from school. Especially when I’m taking that work trip next month, planes rides are an excellent time to read!

By the way, there is technically no Book Review 5 as apparently I had two posts titled “book review 4” lol oopsie! 🙂


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